Lots of rumours about The Famous Ship Inn, Sandgate

Some recent pubs that were an unexpected treat

Inn Doors open again this week

Escondido finally closed down

Inn Doors closed tonight for annual holiday!

Didn't we already know Vasa was becoming a Costa?

We're definitely seeing an increase in vanpackers round here

Bar Vasa is going to be a Costa!

Providence is now re-opened

So that explains why the Providence is now closed

Oh noes they are closing the A259 (Seabrook Road)

Vasa is reopening again!

10 things you didn't know about Loaf, Sandgate

Weather was good today for Sandgate Sea Festival

Anyone got a good review of The Sixty-Six?

Cafe Del Mar opens in Sandgate on the bank holiday weekend

The Sixty Six opens on Tuesday 24th July

The 66 - new restaurant in Sandgate

Sandgate Sea Festival

Sandgate Sea Festival this bank holiday weekend

Escondido has moved in to Gate 28!

Any celebrity neighbours add a little something to the area

Interesting rumour about Noel Gallagher!

RE: Has The Harbour been renamed The True Brit? - 14155

the ship inn a small moan

Guessing the Chichester Hall farmers market is not actually on new years day

Bar Vasa opening a cocktail bar on the first floor?

Is that Vasa or Vassa? Are they the same place?

Bar Vasa closing... again?

Is the Ship quiz still on?

Farmers market this Saturday in Sandgate

Pavement pounders walks for May, June, July and August

A Guided Walk highlighting Folkestone's Literary and Artistic History

sandgate in people, prose and poems

Has Sandgate Bar Vasa closed?

Comedy at Escondido

Tracey Ann Pryke exhibition in Sandgate

Not so keen on Escondido any more

I recommend Escondido in Sandgate

Have not been to the Ship Inn quiz for ages, is it still on?

Went back to Escondido on Saturday

Escondido reopens new years eve!

Work is underway at Escondido

Escondido Sandgate still closed, but free cocktails at Escondido Deal

Shop next door to Gate 28 starting to be cleared out

New top ten most popular restaurants in the area

AF&RM CAMRA says Gate 28 is reopening as a pizza restaurant

Escondido Sandgate / Folkestone closed until further notice :-(

No more news about Gate 28 reopening then?

Woo, we took the Ship quiz again!

Opening 6th September

Beer festival at the Ship this weekend

Sad about Dave


leas cliff hall 1974

Folkestone camera clcub forthcoming events

10% discount at Bar Vasa

Has Gate 28 closed down?

Two arrested for cruelty to Dave the Dolphin

This quiz is getting less fun

No longer for sale, those of you looking to purchase

Guardian Unlimited | Weekend | Let's move to ... Folkestone, Kent

Revenge of the wage-slave


Timothy's Wine Bar