Googies Art Cafe

Googies Art Cafe

15 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1EY ☎️ 01303 246 188

Used to be more veggie and child friendly than it is now.

Seems to be closed now, a shame when they were the forerunner of "making that bit of Folkestone nice".

Oh reopened as cowch, same people, hmm...

I been here! See more in my gigography.

Was googies then reopened as cowch.

Googies seems to be closed again

They reopened briefly under the name Cowch but it looked to be shut when we were in Folkestone Saturday afternoon. Maybe they're opening evenings only? But unlikely, all the other cafes were heaving.


Can't believe Googies is closed

Can't believe a) the forerunner of "make that bit of Folkestone nice" has closed, but also b) I had to be told of it by people who live out of town. I was down there the other day in 13cc and did not notice anything.


HimnHer live at Googies this Friday

This is an email I was sent by Tony of the Creative Players, who organises the open mic nights etc at Chambers. This is his gig, not me and my wife. And it's at Googies:


Folkestone Fringe Newswire

Follow @folkestonetriennial for more like this... the pumpkin carving sounds good!

Missed Jonathan Wright's Free103point9's broadcast? The programme built on the idea of 'The Quiet & The Still' and included selected works by other UK artists Jez riley French, Sian Gledhill and Gerry Kelly. You read more and listen again here >>


Top ten places in Folkestone as voted by you

Or rather should that be "top ten places in Folkestone who have owners / staff who vote vor the venue on here"...


Googies Art Cafe

Used to be more veggie and child friendly than it is now.


Googies Ale Trail on again today?

Worth a visit to Googies whether it is or not. Got to keep a clear head for an early start for the rugby in the morning though.


Trail for real ale

Googies ale trail, first Friday of every month with real ale and live music.


Charity quiz at Googies this Friday (April 1st)

Dear ATU Supporter,


Is it Googies with a hard G like Google?

Or Googies with a soft G like... um Goujons? I can't actually think of a word that has a soft G in the middle like that. OK like in Sage. Which one is it? Seems obvious to me that it's pronounced "Googies" but my wife keeps saying "Googies". Is she talking gibberish or what?

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31 Mar 2012

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