HimnHer live at Googies this Friday

HimnHer live at Googies this Friday

This is an email I was sent by Tony of the Creative Players, who organises the open mic nights etc at Chambers. This is his gig, not me and my wife. And it's at Googies:

This very Friday 9pm at Googies Art Cafe in sunny Folkestone Kent my wife and I (himnher.biz) will be playing a full set of our own songs (and a few covers...although not that many.)

Here's the facebook event: m.facebook.com/events/279548088884453?tn=C

We would like to see as many faces, familiar or otherwise, SUPPORTING US on this one please as Keith at Googies does such a bloody good job supporting us musicians as you can see on the facebook page.


They also do some of the best food this side of the milky way (I'm not joking.....check the menu! (http://googies.co.uk/) So why not make a night of it....Seee ya there..... :-)

Tony and Kim (HimnHer)

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Wed Jul 02 2014

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