The Pullman

The Pullman

Pullman Wine Bar, 7-9 Church Street, Folkestone, CT20 1SE ☎️ 01303 252524

Reopened, refurbished, very nice indeed now. A civilised air more like a hotel bar but with four real ales.

Was nice and busy on my last visit too, a real hidden gem!

I been here! See more in my gigography.

Danger Danger!

Fire in the Pullman! Fire in the Clifton! It's all go in Folkestone!


Pullman - great!

On our journey from holidays in the Cotswolds back to Germany, we spent a last evening on the island in Folkestone, in The Pullman. It was the happy end of two wonderful weeks!


RE: The Pullman is shockingly nice now - 13468

We had a nice long walk in town and decided to have a cool of in The Pullman. Went in there about a year back and they let us in with a kid. Yesterday (21.5.2010) we tried to go in again and were told that they don't allow kids in with a somewhat snotty attitude from the bar staff lady. And this was about 1500-1600. Its not like we would have let the kids run around or anything as we wanted to sit in the garden but we could not even do that. I hate to say it but they will NEVER see me back there if they want to be that way.


RE: The Pullman is shockingly nice now - 13427

Agreed nice refurb, but the woman behind the bar (Owner?) has a serious case of bad attitude. I dont need you to look down on me from your lofty perch thankyou. Its hard to explain but she talks to you as if you are the most uncultured cretin that she has ever come across.


The Pullman is shockingly nice now

Went to The Pullman at the weekend and we were amazed at how nice it is now. I didn't go there much before it closed down, but this refurb is a great job. They do food and four real ales now, and there's a nice atmosphere. It's aimed at a more sophisticated older crowd now I would say than your average binge drinkers, maybe that's why it was a bit quiet. Seriously, give it a try.


The Pullman

Reopened, refurbished, very nice indeed now. A civilised air more like a hotel bar but with four real ales.

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25 Apr 2010

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