Karl's Good Food

Karl's Good Food

43 St Peter's Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2BG ☎️ 01227 764 380

Lovely fancy deli type place, fresh bread and a wide selection of wine too. karlsgoodfood.com

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10% discount at Karl's



sun-burnished Mediterranean vines adjacent to the sea producing wines that exude aromas of pine trees and salty, herby, green-olive flavours on the palate - come along to experience these food-friendly wines that embody summer eating and entertaining - Ti



One of our favourite regions in Italy, driven mostly by Aileen's love for Prosecco, but also because of the traditional grapes grown in the region and the wonderfully complex wines they produce - Tickets 15 per perso - SOLD OUT


Spanish promotion all this week at Karl's

Discover the flavours and styles of Spanish wines with these great offers At Karls we have always tried to bring you wines that are interesting, exciting and refreshing both on the palate and on the mind; wines that are made from rare and unusual varieties; wines that are a true expression of where they come from; wines that provoke conversation. Now, we want to make them even more accessible with the first of, what we hope will be many, exciting promotions over the coming months. To kick us off, were looking at Spain. We will be showcasing wines from the high altitude, mountainous regions of Spain such as [vino]Somontano[/vino], [vino]Grenada[/vino], [vino]Terra Alta[/vino] in [vino]Catalonia[/vino] and [vino]Bierzo[/vino]; wines from Northern Spain, particularly from the [vino]Basque[/vino] and [vino]Galician[/vino] coastal regions and also [vino]Rioja[/vino], specifically an organic producer in Rioja Alta who, unusually for Rioja, own all their own vineyards, and producing some of the best Riojas we have ever tasted. Spain has often been dubbed the most exciting wine-producing country in the world and indeed it has seen huge investments in cutting-edge wineries both architecturally and in wine-producing equipment/machinery. As a result, more and more Spanish wines have been produced to an amazingly high standard, accumulating more Parker-points than you could shake a red rag at. My own view? Yes, a sizeable increase in clean, polished, internationalised and cult-edged wines at astronomical prices and wines that scoop an increasing amount of awards at international competitions. However, I have always found the quality patchy with too many one-dimensional flavours. The whites often carry a dull oxidative tinge and the reds a dull fruity soup character laden with oak. Overall, it seems there are too many made using poor fruit and deliberately masked as a result by oak or carbonic maceration. In fact, oak has too often been the foremost flavour in Spanish wines and not enough attention has been given to the expression of fruit. However, the potential is outstanding and we hope this next three weeks of promoting Spanish wines will prove this.
There are some common denominators with these wines the high quality of the raw material, the grapes themselves; the quality consciousness and meticulous approach by the producers to the vineyards and the importance placed on the use of native varieties rather than on international interlopers. There are some real delicious gems here that still surprise me when I see Spain on the label such is their zesty freshness and long, textured flavours and finishes. Several are from absolutely tiny production levels. So, I urge to come down to Karls over the coming three weeks to discover these beautiful and interesting wines of Spain.


Natural Wines at Karl's this Thursday

This Thursday, we will be looking at Natural Wines, a movement that started approximately 10 to 15 years ago. The premise is simple - if the producer works so hard in the vineyard to produce grapes without any chemical intervention, then they should follow a similar purist course of action in the winery. Too many restaurant wine lists offer no alternative to the reams of highly manufactured wines while supermarkets will never stock a wine that they cannot absolutely guarantee.



with its rich and varied cuisine, wonderful array of indigenous grape varieties and spectacular terrain on which to locate vineyards, Sicily is one of the most exciting wine regions in the world right now - Tickets 15 per person - 2 SPACES LEFT


Natural Wines

This evening looks at what are termed Natural Wines - wines that are made with minimal intervention in the vineyard and winery - Tickets 15 per person - 8 SPACES LEFT


Mountain wines

a look at some of the less discovered gems from the Jura & Savoie regions of Eastern France and higher altitude vineyards of Northern Italy Tickets 15 per person - 9 SPACES LEFT


A celebration of Basque foods and wines

with guest speaker Patrick Dear from The Goods Shed Tickets 25 per person - BOOKED OUT


Chilean Chocolan Shiraz on the tasting table at Karl's Good Food

2005 Syrah, Chocolan, Chile: On the whole, Chile has always made solid, well-made wines that are flawless but very often unremarkable.However, in recent years, an appreciation for matching grapes to particular sites, altitudes and soils has been on the increase and the resulting wines are getting interesting. This is a great example of what we can expect out of Chile in the coming years - fantastic new world Syrah with a masterful use of oak giving the rich clean Syrah fruit a spicy and smoky edge. Forward-thinking wine making at its best - 9.95

Some unusual gems for you on the Tasting Table this weekend.....



Expensive bottle of wine on the tasting table at Karl's this weekend

Have a try of their 45 [vino]2001[/vino] [vino]Barolo[/vino] if you call in this weekend, nice! Are they only doign that assuming no-one will be able to get past the snow? We will try I think...


Wine tasting this weekend at Karl's Good Food

On the tasting table this weekend.....


Karl's tasting table at Karl's Good Food

Every Thursday or Friday, we will be sending an e-mail detailing the wines we will be sampling for the weekend. We will also be offering a 10% discount on purchases of these wines. To kick us off, feel free to pop in this weekend to try these: Reds


Seasonal Italian specialities have just arrived...

Pannetone - Italy's traditional Christmas cake


New opening times for Karl's (Canterbury)

Please note the change in opening times from 1st May at Karl's


Karl's Good Food

Lovely fancy deli type place, fresh bread and a wide selection of wine too. karlsgoodfood.com

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