Disgraceful treatment at Earl Brownes

Disgraceful treatment at Earl Brownes

Earl Brownes are proudly displaying a sign in their window stating 'under new management'. Be warned! After my shop bought pate; my dry lamb chump and chicken served in tinned tomatoes I asked dicreetly to speak to the manager. Whilst expressing my dissappointment in the meal and asking that this be reflected on my bill; the head chef sat sniggering into his pint. I was informed by management that they would not refund anything, and that if I did not pay in full they would call the police. I was also advised to be 'very careful' because there were cameras in the restauarnt! Upon happily offering to call the police myself I was told to 'pay for my drinks, get out and never come back again'. What a welcome addition to the Folkestone restaurant scene.

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30 Dec 2006

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