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Oh dear Folkestone Herald and Chambers...

Hmm, read in the Folkestone Herald this weekend about the 20th anniversary of Chambers and they talk about the bands who have played there including Motorhead and the Kings of Leon... True, I have heard the tale that Lemmy played the fruit machine in there, and Kings of Leon played pool, both before doing a gig at the Leas Cliff Hall. It's not quite what people would understand by "played there"...

Mon Dec 03 2018...

Oof Morrisons is on fire

Thankfully no-one hurt but where am I going to get my vegan friendly doughnuts from now..?

Details here, seems to have been started by a deep fat fryer in the cafe kitchen.

Thu Nov 08 2018...

So long Sister Seitan we hardly knew you

Sad news about Sister Seitan, they seem to have lost their premises because 13CC bike shop (who they were subletting from?) has gone under. Sister Seitan did well as a pop up before, so I'm sure they'll be popping up again soon, until they can get some proper premises.

There are plenty of places around for a good place like this to fit into surely?

This must help Planet Earth Folkestone Kitchen or whatever, the other vegan place just a few doors along. Still think that is an odd one though, no toilets or hand washing facilities in a kitchen? What are you thinking?

Good luck Sister Seitan I hope we see you again soon.

Sun Oct 14 2018...

Follies £5 pizza night is now £6

OK still quite a good deal, and good pizzas and fast service in Hythe last night. But, 20% increase? I blame Brexit.

Thu Sep 27 2018...

Walter Tull talk and exhibition

For more information please email or go on the web site []( A Talk By [Phil Vasili](/wiki/#phil/vasili) on [Walter Tull](/wiki/#walter/tull) will be Saturday 24th November 4 pm - 5.30pm at the [Museum](/wiki/#museum) Please book this talk through the [Museum](/wiki/#museum) as it is NOT a Friends event. It should be a very interesting talk. [To book tickets please visit](

THE EXHIBITION ON WALTER TULL will run from 28th Sept - 31st January 2019 10 - 4 daily free entry

Mon Sep 24 2018...

Dukes Head Sellindge closed?

Crikey, just seen an update for the pub posted at work saying "Premises status: This pub is currently closed. Wife ejected her husband and closed the pub".

This was an OK pub, and relatively near to work. Not many pubs round here!

Tue Sep 18 2018...

Short menu in Folkestone Wine Company

As I say I never go out so another second hand review. After failing to be seated satisfactory, our party left Aspendos for Folkestone Wine Company. Very lucky to get a table in a small place like this without booking. There's a very short menu, though it was nice enough. Maybe a bit too adventurous for my representative of the party. Certainly not very vegan either.

Sun Sep 16 2018...

Aspendos overbooked

I never leave the house these days so this is a second hand review. Yesterday the wife and friends had a table booked at Aspendos (not the kebab shop) for a birthday party. It was very busy when they got there so they were given a table in the basement. It was too noisey and clubby down there, not what they expected. So they made their excuses and left.

Make sure you book a particular table!

Sun Sep 16 2018...

Inn Doors opening after holidays again on 18th

I have missed the Inn Doors this weekend. They've only been shut for seven days, and are open again on Tuesday 18th September. So see you there on Friday!

Sat Sep 15 2018...

New bar on Tontine Street - Jam Jar

Went for a walk around town, and there's a new bar open. You probably know this already, I don't get out much. Looks like a regular bar, with a promotion for cocktails advertised in the front window. There was a police car outside, don't know what the incident was. I did not go inside.

Sat Sep 15 2018...