Mr Howard has a new job

Mr Howard has a new job

If you were worried Michael Howard would have too much time on his hands since stepping down as the leader of the Conservative Party, fret not, he's got himself a little part time job, The Times has the details:

MICHAEL HOWARD, the former leader of the Tory party, is to become the chairman of the European arm of a corporate espionage company set up by former agents of the CIA, MI5 and Soviet Intelligence.

His appointment by Diligence, which employs several former members of the SAS and SBS, is the first job Mr Howard has accepted since he announced after the partys defeat last year that he would not be contesting his seat at Folkestone & Hythe at the next election. Mr Howard, who is expected to be paid a six-figure salary, told The Times that he had been contracted to work a minimum of half a day a week, and insisted that it would not interfere with his constituency duties.

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Mon Jun 19 2006

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