Folkestone without the views and the faded grandeur

Folkestone without the views and the faded grandeur

Didn't see Folkestone on the TV last night, that's mostly a good thing I think. Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer presented a rundown of the best and worst towns to live in, based on some criteria or other. Folkestone didn't come in the top ten (there's no way it would right now, though it's got the potential), BUT it didn't come in the bottom ten either. Somehow Ashford did come in the top ten, can anyone believe this? Not Megastar for one:

In Kent terms, Ashford's a Canterbury where ancient charm has been replaced by ringroads. It's Folkestone without the views and the faded grandeur. It's Dover without the geographical drama and the history. It's Margate without the vinegar-soaked edge.

Back to me again... What Ashford does have is a quick connection to London. Well, it will have, on the show they said 2007 but it's more likely to be 2009 isn't it? 36 minutes into London, that's very tasty. This high speed rail link will extend to Folkestone though, so AHOY POTENTIAL BUYERS IN ASHFORD, look further down the line - you'll get a splendid old building close to the sea, for a few minutes extra commuting. I've done it, and you should to.

Anyone see this, or got any comments? Or are you all waiting for me to add more smiley faces to this page? I found some nice free icons here that I will most likely be adding.

Apologies if there are no updates here for a few days, I'm off to Lympne Castle to get married! Cheers...

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Wed Aug 10 2005

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