Street party outside Chambers this weekend

Street party outside Chambers this weekend

Hello everybody :-)

This Sat we're taking part in the big celebrations going on around the top half of town that were instigated by Martin Jackson & his team reaching their 30th anniversary of trading as Landau sports. Well done guys - a HUGE achievement these days!! As part of all that celebration, we're closing off Cheriton Place to traffic & holding a bit of a street party too!! This is going to be a total hoot i tell you! We've live music featuring Liquid Jacket & The Filthy Blooze Hounds & the Trevor Williams Jazz Band plus pretty much ALL the traders up & down the length of Cheriton Place are bringing their wares out onto the street to show what wonderful things we have to offer at this end of Folkestone.

We often get overlooked with the focus of attention being more around the town precinct area & down to the creative quarter, so this time we're showing the town what we can offer too ! !

We'll have a BBQ, Jazz bands, demonstrations of cuisine from all the restaurants in Cheriton Place - The Prince of India - The Hermitage - Food for Thought - SO MANY shops & special offers going on that day its just mad!! Flowers arranging demonstrations, special offers on frames & sunglasses, special milkshakes & ice cream & just the loveliest ice creams in the area!

More info to follow on this so watch this space ! ! !

There's a beer festival down at the Leas Lift this weekend too...

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Thu Jul 26 2012

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