Meet Siddy Langley, eat mince pies

Meet Siddy Langley, eat mince pies

You are invited to meet Siddy Langley and Friends at her Christmas Exhibition & Sale presented by The Neville Pundole Gallery

on 10th & 11th December 10am to 5pm each day with a preview on Friday 9th 6-8pm (all welcome)

at 66 The Old High Street Folkestone CT20 1RN

The selling exhibition with Christmas mince pies will feature glass by Siddy Langley and ALSO include other Pottery, Glass, Small Sculpture and Pictures.

(Now all at VAT free prices!)

Siddy says... "With the new studio looming in the new year the exhibition... an opportunity to say good-bye to some of my older designs.

The new studio will be smaller than the old one and I have decided not to set up the system required to make iridescent work.

Therefore, once I close down the existing studio, I will no longer be able to make iridescent pieces. To mark that event I am making

a limited edition of GTI pieces. This is nothing to do with fuel injected touring Volkswagons, it stand for Goodbye To Iridescence.

There will be 75 small iridescent pieces which will be signed Siddy Langley GTI and numbered 1/75, 2/75 etc....

25 will be available at Neville's exhibition in Folkestone on the 10th and 11th December."

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Fri Dec 02 2011

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