Number 11 spring newsletter

Number 11 spring newsletter

Spring is here; our daffodils bloom happily in the windows, the sun gives a warm hazy feel to Folkestone, the sea is calm and glistening; it is a happy and peaceful time of year, and in keeping with that, we, No.11 have many exciting events ahead of us for our customers.

Easter Weekend at No. 11

We will be celebrating the Easter Weekend with a culinary treat:

Set Menu from Good Friday 2nd April to Easter Monday 5th April

3 courses 25, 2 courses 18


Goats cheese, watercress and radish salad with sherry dressing

Potted hare with red onion marmalade

Mackerel fillet with oven roast tomatoes and fennel seeds


Spring Vegetable Tart served with side salad

John Dory with cauliflower, saffron sauce and cockles

Roast lamb rump, chantenay carrots, truffle jus, mint jelly


Rhubarb posset with stem ginger short bread

Chocolate and hazelnut pot


Menu subject to change depending on availability of seasonal produce

Sunday April 18th - The Lucky Ones play No. 11

With spring unfolding, and summer awaiting us, what better time to appreciate good music!

On the 18th April we are hosting a gig at No.11 starring The Lucky Ones. This band describe themselves as a stylish mix of music, cabaret and comedy, covering such classics as Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, Al Green, The Cure, Ella Fitzgerald, some favourite TV themes and movie moments and you'll start getting the idea, stripping the song down to ukulele, melodica, rich acoustic guitar and 1950's cocktail drums.

Entry is free and doors will be open from 7.30pm.

For more information, or to book a table please call the restaurant on 01303 259 535 or email

NO.11 is located at:

11-15 The Old High Street


Kent CT20 1RL

Phone: 01303 259535

Get more information about No. 11 at

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