Lone Star Comedy Club 27th June 2009

Lone Star Comedy Club 27th June 2009

Line up for Saturday June 27th - Lanterns Folkestone

Line up for the next show on 27th June

Compere - Maff Brown "Brilliant Stand Up, Great Material - Bill Bailey Support - Henry Prater "The man will be a star. Chortle Headline - Rob Deering "Truly wonderful stand-up. The Sunday Times

As ever there will be two comedy newcomers added to the bill close to the date of the show and some live music to start

Price 8 per person - 7 per person For Holiday Extras staff and friends

How to book - see your wonderful PA's upstairs for tickets, can pay by cheque made payable to Lonestar MCC Limited. You can also reserve tables for 6 or more people.

See below for full biography of the acts and future dates

Rob Deering

Rob Deering exploded on to the comedy scene in 2000, reaching the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award semi-finals, the finals of the BBC New Comedy Award and the final of the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year Competition, as well as winning the prestigious Amused Moose New Talent Award. 2001 brought further success with Rob hosting the legendary Comedy Zone at the Edinburgh Festival; this led to a personal request from Emo Phillips to support him for his festival run. With his easy charm, cheesy singing voice, razor-sharp wit and clownish physicality Rob has quickly established himself as a firm favourite on the London circuit and has played at all the major comedy clubs nationwide. He slayed audiences as a headliner on The Comedy Network and has been commissioned by channel 4 to write and host the comedy series Lesser-Spotted Britain. Rob returned to the Edinburgh Festival in 2003, having performed in The World Comedy Tour TV show (Paramount/Granada) in Australia in which he starred alongside the very best international stand-up comedians from around the world. Over the past years Rob has written and performed in Movie Mistakes Uncovered Uncut (Five), was team captain in 20 episodes of the new comedy panel show Totally Top Trumps (Challenge TV), presented a new live TV show entitled Flipside, which critiques TV shows live as they go out on air, and toured the UK with John Oliver, Andy Zaltzman and The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolf III on the Paramount Presents the Edinburgh and Beyond Comedy Tour. Robs previous Edinburgh Festival shows have included: Superkings (2003), The Facts (2002) and The Comedy Zone (2001). He has also starred in 99 Things To Do Before You Die (Five), appeared on RI:SE (C4), performed in 4 at the Store (BBC Radio 4) and written and presented Lesser-Spotted Britain (C4). "Sterling stand-up from one of the circuit's rising stars. A safe place to bet your comedy dollar" - The Sunday Times Bruisingly Hilarious. Time Out Truly wonderful stand-up. The Sunday Times Comedys man of the moment. Metro Self-deprecating and immensely likablehugely enjoyable. ** Sunday Herald He captures the audiences imagination and creates a show where audience participation actually works. ** The Herald The award-winning comic performs his engaging brand of stand-up humour. The Guardian Highly enjoyableA rising star who combines an easy-going cheeky chappie demeanour with a quickfire wit. Evening Standard Amiable charm and softly spoken sarcasm. ** The Metro He has such confidence, control and ease with an audience. The Stage An utter delight from start to finish. *** Three Weeks

Henry Paker

Henry Paker started stand-up January 2006, and in 2008, he won the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year title and came second in the Laughing Horse new act competition. He is also a cartoonist, and his book, Dont Arm Wrestle A Pirate, which he created with comedian Dave Skinner, was featured on the Richard and Judy Book Club for Christmas 2007.

Henry Paker delivers a mightily impressive set that is rarely less than superb The man will be a star. Chortle the star is Henry Paker; every one of his jokes is built up perfectly, and the punch-line is always hilarious. Clever material, but silly enough not to alienate anyone. Three Weeks, Edinburgh Festival 2007, ****

Maff Brown

Lonestar Comedy Club welcomes back one of our very favourite Comperes. Maff is a great hit every time he visits says Ian Stewart from Lonestar. His growing stature is being recognized through an increasing number of appearances on TV. Maff is the founder of the Award Wining Outside the Box Comedy Club in Kingston. Within 3 and half months of the launch, Outside the Box won the prestigious "BEST COMEDY VENUE" for London, small club from Chortle.co.uk succeeds in raising roars of laughter from the audience Festmag.co.uk comedy the way it should be, leaves the audience wishing the show was just a little bit longer. - EDFest Vastly entertaining, proves that this comedian have great things ahead of him. Three Weeks boundless energy and enthusiasm with funny material was certainly the icing on the cake. one4review.com Maff is one of those comics that doesnt need to try. Jokes fall out of him like gold coins coming out of a pirates chest- FRANK SKINNER "I felt like I was being led by a mischievous child but one who was going to take me on a very funny journey and I wasn't disappointed" - BBC Radio "Brilliant Stand Up, Great Material - BILL BAILEY This hard hitting unusual young comedian makes a packed room laugh. Maff is gregarious with nice observations. His delivery has originality which makes for a fresh funny hour of comedy - THE LIST

Below is a list a future dates for your diary shows are at the Lanterns unless otherwise noted 25/07/09 Compere -Elis James
Support -Tony Cowards
Headline -Christian Reilly

26/09/09 17/10/09 At Folkestone Rugby Club 24/10/09 28/11/09 19/12/09

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