A Christmas of sorts, and why doesn't the Whole World Cafe want customers?

A Christmas of sorts, and why doesn't the Whole World Cafe want customers?

Friday, got properly into the Christmas season, went to "A Christmas Of Sorts" at the Whole World Cafe, and it was brilliant! Was not quite sure what to expect from the gig before hand, but it really was ace, if you get the chance to see [google=carnival of sorts folkestone]A Carnival Of Sorts[/google], or any of their events then I urge you to, it was great. Acoustic loveliness.

Before we went we were joking how every time we go to the Whole World Cafe the people there act like it's a bit of a hassle to have any customers at all in there, and would it be the same tonight... YES it WAS! It was advertised as opening at seven, we turned up at half past to find the sign still turned to closed, but people inside so we went in. Were not acknowledged at all, no-one at the counter, so we sat down. When someone appeared at the counter, asked if they were open / serving. "Um... give me a couple of minutes". Must have been another half hour before we got a drink, and we got an abrupt NO when we asked if there was any food, despite there being food out on the counter. I gave it another go, said can we even have one of those flapjacks, please, if it's not too much trouble, it's right there in front of you you just have to lift that lid up. An abrupt yes again.

We had a great evening despite this. I would put it down to someone having a bad day, but it's honestly been like that every time I've been in there. Got a facebook update when we got home to say that the time of the gig was being changed from 7.30 to 8.30, but this was only sent after 7pm, obviously after we'd left the house.

A Carnival Of Sorts are involved in the new years celebrations at Chambers, I recommend you go there.

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Mon Dec 22 2008

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