Folkestone Fringe update, actually in time for the mailout this week!

Folkestone Fringe update, actually in time for the mailout this week!

at the leas lift, curated by club shepway:

on wednesday 20th and thursday 21st aether flyer play the leas lift aether flyer are still alive thanks to a scientific experiment gone bizarrely wrong, and exactly eighty years on, with an exhibit of their music, and documents and photos of the time are returning to folkestone to celebrate the anniversary of their legendary concert in the leas cliff lift to a then invited audience which included george burns, george formby and king george v.

the bank holiday at the leas lift is dedicated to sound leas lift experimental sound weekend 08 gerry kelly brings you the work of electronic artists who responded to the leas lift sound brief that invitied artists to create new audio work from the raw sounds of fokestone's unique victoria water lift.

a series of onsite recordings of the day to day operation of the lift created the leas lift sound palette, which has now been produced by artists to create the leas lift sound 08 CD.

on saturday 23 august, amongst the sound of the leas lift, vistors can hear these new works in the lift carriages, and on sunday 24, live and improvised performances from from 11am - 1pm gordon kennedy and angela valid from 2pm - 4pm.

the leas lift sound CD will be available to pick up at the leas lift over the experimental sound weekend and at the b&b project space, tontine steet, folkestone.

at the DIY fringe:

tracey falcon 'installs already reads' in the coastal park:

ashes to ashes, say no more. sometimes you just can't see the wood for the trees. read between the lines and you might find a hidden story. newspaper tree trunks. prosthetic newspaper branches. surely not.

get up to 13 the bayle, folkestone see the new additions in the window: tales of death and domestic frequencies

for further information please visit

That window in the Bayle has its own page on their site. Did I peer in completely the wrong window then?

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Wed Aug 20 2008