kent gigs

kent gigs

Touch the Earth Concert in Deal on 6th September - Pass it on!!

Touch the Earth - The Sacred Wheel

Touch the Earth perform their new album - The Sacred Wheel Tickets 7 in advance and 9 on the door

06 Sep 2008, 20:00 High St, Deal Town, London and South East CT14 6BB

Touch the Earth make music to touch the soul and free the spirit.

Beautiful ballads to wild dance with Native American flutes, didgeridoo, drums, fiddle and guitar.

Amazing sounds all weaving into the web of life.

To book your tickets simply contact:



Or Pete Maxey on 01953 887 940

One year in the making it is called 'The Sacred Wheel' and is a musical journey through the seasons. To get a taster of what to expect musically go to to hear samples from the album.

Touch the earth ( formed 3 years ago and are based in Kent. They have played festivals in the UK and Europe, a recent concert was filmed for broadcast on the web based Holistic Channel :

Lynn Gosney - Lead vocals, Native American Flute, Drums

Lee Hunt - Guitar, Vocals, Native American flute, Didge, Drums

Pete Maxey - Fiddle, Vocals, Drums

Gillian Hunt - Drums & more Drums

All band members play various instruments from the acoustic guitars, the fiddle and vocals, blended with the didgeridoo, Native American flutes and drums to bring music that touches the heart and frees the spirit.

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