Simple Simon's: GONE!

Simple Simon's: GONE!

Simple Simon's has reopened as "The Parrot". Still very similar, less independent beers on the bar and more Youngs, as that's who owns it now. Had a brace of pints there yesterday afternoon and it was very nice. They now sell bottles of beer at the bar too.

It's been shut for a month for refurbishment, mostly this has involve getting rid of some of the old furniture and getting in new furniture that looks old, plus hanging a few tapestries on the wall. I'm not bothered either way by this really. There are slogans written on the walls now that look a bit tacky, but I'm sure it'll bed in.

The garden is nicer now, there's a big fire pit and a barbecue and some good sturdy furniture. Still much the same pub, shame to see it change its name, maybe The Parrot was an older name for it? This is what the boards outside with the history of the building seem to be implying, though I'm not sure.

This will mess up my search engine placings a bit, bah.

There's a meal for eight to be won if you register on their new website, and there are some vouchers to be picked up in the pub itself for free pimms and things.

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Sun Jul 13 2008