Top ten best restaurants in the area

Top ten best restaurants in the area

The votes are in, these are the top ten best restaurants in the area as voted by you (so, the ten restaurants with the most loyal net savvy customers and regulars who visit this site then), a few surprises in there:

Botolphs Bridge Inn (9.10/10) Bella Amalfi (8.59/10) Chambers (8.27/10) Curry Garden (8.03/10) The Prince of India (7.86/10) Riverview Diner (7.86/10) Kalala (7.80/10) The Dolphin (7.77/10) Bar Vasa (7.63/10) The Penny Theatre (7.63/10)

I've not even visited the number one slot there. Seemingly a pub, but one that does food (as are Chambers and The Dolphin that I certainly can vouch for, and The Penny Theatre that I could not.

Been to one of these places? Or any other place listed on the site? Please vote, you don't need to register or anything.

I'll be back again in a month to see how the list has changed.

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Tue Jun 17 2008