Vegan skills at The Hermitage!

Vegan skills at The Hermitage!

New vegan option on the menu at The Hermitage, I will be down to check it out asap:

Lunch 3-course menu 14.95 22nd June 2008 - From 12pm until 3pm

Starters: Avocado Provenale (vegan) Or Garlic Prawns Or Duck liver pat de maison Main Courses: Fresh breast of chicken with grapes and a tarragon sauce Or Salmon Hermitage Or Roast Lamb with fresh herbs Or Vegan Casserole ( with Fruit and vegetables) Desserts: German torte - a lovely chocolate and coffee cake with cream Or Black cherry cheesecake with cream or fresh ice cream Or blackcurrent & lime bavarois Or Fresh fruit Salad Includes: Vegetables or salad Our freshly-baked French bread

Don't wait for a special occasion, just treat yourself, and support the businesses of the town at the same time.

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Sun Jun 15 2008