St Tropez of culture

St Tropez of culture

Does this sound familiar? From Saturday's Guardian

Pierre Cardin, the millionaire Paris fashion designer and businessman who has spent millions restoring the castle, is trying to turn the village into a "St Tropez of culture". After establishing his own music festival, he has started buying up scores of cottages and buildings in the village of 430 people.

The ageing couturier says he wants to "leave his mark" by turning Lacoste into a refuge for world artists, complete with luxury hotels, a top restaurant, a de Sade cafe and a piano bar.

But the French are revolting! There is a feeling in the fillage that his plans are ruining the community. If they truly do hound you out with pitchforks and torches Pierre, come to Folkestone. Perhaps a bit of competition from another quarter will speed our seafront development up a bit.

I thought we already were the St Tropez of culture anyway?

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Mon Jun 09 2008