A lovely offer from The Hermitage

A lovely offer from The Hermitage

A contributor to the forum posted about a disappointing anniversary meal they'd had at a local restaurant in January. And The Hermitage have chipped in, this story obviously tugged their heart strings like it did mine, but they've actually put their hand in their pocket and are offering the couple in question a free meal!

I must point out that The Hermitage were not the venue for the original disappointing meal, they're just doing their bit for the general good feeling within our town.

Isn't that beautiful?

Check out thehermitagerestaurant.com to see their menu, and if it was you that posted originally, please get in touch. If you're the proprietor of the original disappointing restaurant, perhaps you'd like to get in touch too and offer us all a free feed?

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Fri May 16 2008

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