On Folkestone is closing

On Folkestone is closing

It is with regret that I am sending this email. Tom and I have decided to let Onfolkestone pass away. Onfolkestone has always incurred operational costs, and given the lack of activity, we can't justify spending them for the next year. The hosting for the site expires in around 7 days time.

Both Tom and myself have, like so many other members moved away from Follkestone. We can't put as much time into the site as we would like, and are rarely around to update it. Entering my final year of university, I will have even less time to dedicate to it.

We would however like to thank all the members of Onfolkestone for what they contributed to the site over the years. There have certainly been some memorable times. Thanks also go to moderators over the years, and the council who have featured Onfolkestone and funded certain marketing campaigns.

Fear not! There is an alternative forum based on Folkestone, which is active. Ok, it doesn't have the old Onfolkestone culture, but if you want to discuss things happening in Folkestone, then I recommend it. I'm a member, and I know a few other Onfolkestoner's are too. My user is 'Ian'. Hope to see you there.


Remember, there are still a fair few days left to access all that Onfolkestone goodness.

Thank you all again! Ian and Tom

Quite what was wrong with directing people here I don't know. I always thought OnFolkestone was some kind of official local youth initiative, I guess not.

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Thu Aug 23 2007