Sandgate Dolphin on YouTube: DON'T WATCH IT

Sandgate Dolphin on YouTube: DON'T WATCH IT

OK, you can watch this footage of "Dave", the Folkestone / Sandgate dolphin on YouTube, but don't go out harrassing him to film any more, please.

At least this footage is taken from the shore, with a zoom. Seriously, don't go chasing him in a boat. Getting too close to him will ultimately result in his death, sad but true.

From the BBC:

A boat owner in Kent has defended some up-close footage of "Dave the dolphin" which has been posted on video sharing website YouTube. The dolphin can be seen swimming around several boats and gets so close to one that an oar nearly touches him. Marine vet Iain Cope said the footage of Folkestone's coastal tourist attraction was a cause for concern. But Richard Tozer, whose rowing boat was used for the filming, said: "He was just coming close to the boat." Mr Tozer insisted he would never have done anything to harm the dolphin.
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27 Apr 2007

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