Nine Dragons Chinese takeaway is great

Nine Dragons Chinese takeaway is great

Slight repost from the blog but I'm pleased with this one. First Chinese takeaway round here I've noticed that are calling out what is good for vegans and what is not. Making some effort instead of saying "it might all have shellfish in it":

There's a bit vegan section, all with "vegan chicken", a fake meat made of tofu and things, and then the guy in the takeaway talked me through all the other dishes that were suitable or could be adapted. That has never happened to me in a takeway like this before. The food was all good and it all felt quite light and healthy too, an unexpected bonus.

So Nine Dragons, Tontine Street, Folkestone, heartily recommended!

They do free delivery and they're on Just Eat and things too.

Happy new year all!

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Mon Jan 06 2020

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