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Welcome to Folkestone Gerald, a guide to Folkestone, Kent, UK. Here you can book tickets for gigs / concerts etc, find pubs, restaurants, bars, or just ask a question.

Short menu in Folkestone Wine Company As I say I never go out so another second hand review. After failing to be seated satisfactory, our party left Aspendos for Folkestone Wine Company.... Sun Sep 16 2018...

Aspendos overbooked I never leave the house these days so this is a second hand review. Yesterday the wife and friends had a table booked at Aspendos (not the kebab shop)... Sun Sep 16 2018...

New bar on Tontine Street - Jam Jar Went for a walk around town, and there's a new bar open. You probably know this already, I don't get out much. Looks like a regular bar, with... Sat Sep 15 2018...

Inn Doors opening after holidays again on 18th I have missed the Inn Doors this weekend. They've only been shut for seven days, and are open again on Tuesday 18th September. So see you there on... Sat Sep 15 2018...

Food in Kipps is good I can recommend the food in Kipps Ale House (hmm still no sure where the apostrophe should go there). Last night I had the Lentil Madras Buddha Bowl,... Sat Sep 15 2018...

Latest confirmed shows: [maybe coming back?] Is your gig listed here? Why not add it? Let me know, leave a message or twitter me or something - @pauly / @folkestone...

It's much harder to run this thing than it used to be - facebook and google have it all stitched up.

Got Twitter, @folkestone if you like, but who uses twitter these days? I am also @pauly could try contacting me that way.

Ooh top venues, as voted by you. At some point before I had to close the voting when I moved the website (May 2108) anyway. I will bring this back if I can find a sensible way:

  1. 8.6
  2. 7.9
  3. 7.1
  4. 7.2
  5. 6.9
  6. 6.9
  7. (hmm this is out of date now innit?) 6.7
  8. 6.6
  9. 6.3

No offence intended if this gets gamed and someone shunts old favourites like Chambers off the list.