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Welcome to Folkestone Gerald, a guide to Folkestone, Kent, UK. Here you can book tickets for gigs / concerts etc, find pubs, restaurants, bars, or just ask a question.

You can't move for vegans round here these days Two new vegan places opening in Folkestone soon, to accompany Beano and Dr Legumes (can't believe we haven't been in their new place yet)... Sister Seitan is one and they have another thing at the Cheesegrater: Sister Seitan pop-up [more]

I like these videos Here's one from the Lime Bar. They're slightly awkward, but charming (the videos are slightly awkward but charming, I have not met the people). [more]

Women's soft ball cricket festival July, free t-shirts and prosecco here! [more]

Parking meters have arrived in Prince's Parade ... but on the wrong side of the road. The council are making a right mess of this. They are trying to kill off Prince's Parade, stop people using it, to somehow bolster their plans to move the road and build houses on it. They're going about this bad plan in a bad way. Details here. [more]

"I will return" I said in 2014 I did not return to Chimichanga and now Clare tells me they are all closing. Also loads of Prezzo are to go. Brexit surely to blame. [more]

Comedy night at the Fountain The Fountain has new reduced opening hours, not opening until 4pm most days now. But they are trying new things, they have a comedy night, second Tuesday of every month. Free entry. [more]

Googies seems to be closed again They reopened briefly under the name Cowch but it looked to be shut when we were in Folkestone Saturday afternoon. Maybe they're opening evenings only? But unlikely, all the other cafes were heaving. [more]

Googled 'John Eveleigh Folkestone School of Art' and then clicked this interesting link. I was a Prelim and Pre-Dip student at Folkestone School of Ar [more]

Demolished! That was a surprise, to see the pub finally demolished after being left in that state for so long. Guessing it's not going to be another pub built on that site. Wish I'd got some pictures of it before it went now, not that it was a pub I had ever been in. I took some pictures of the Fountain the other day, as it's closed, but seems as if it will reopen. [more]

Fountain says it is only closed for building works, there is a sign to this effect. [more]

Latest confirmed shows: Is your gig listed here? Why not add it? Let me know, leave a message or twitter me or something - @pauly / @folkestone...

It's much harder to run this thing than it used to be - facebook and google have it all stitched up.

Got Twitter, @folkestone if you like, but who uses twitter these days? I am also @pauly could try contacting me that way.

Ooh top venues, as voted by you. At some point before I had to close the voting when I moved the website (May 2108) anyway. I will bring this back if I can find a sensible way:

  1. 8.6
  2. 7.9
  3. 7.1
  4. 7.2
  5. 6.9
  6. 6.9
  7. 6.7
  8. 6.6
  9. 6.3

No offence intended if this gets gamed and someone shunts old favourites like Chambers off the list.

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