It's a deal

It's a deal

Been too busy with work, so missed if this was in the Herald or not, but according to ickent Mr DeHann and Mr Godden have done a deal for the seafront land! This is great! I think!

ROGER De Haan and Jimmy Godden have done a deal for the seafront at Folkestone.

The two businessmen have reached a compromise agreement which virtually guarantees a world- class development in the harbour area.

Contracts have been exchanged and Trent Development, which had outline planning permission for the Rotunda site, pulled out completely last week.

Although all parties are still bound by a confidentiality clause and are unable to comment, we understand Mr Godden accepted an offer involving cash plus property acquisition. It is understood that Mr Godden has also released properties which will form part of the iconic masterplan dream created by the architect Norman Foster.

A joint statement confirming the deal was due this week.

Seen some nasty sniping against Roger De Haan on sites like just recently, not sure what that's all about. Now it's all definitely going ahead, I guess this does make De Haan the establishment, and it is your every day blogger's responsibility to question him...

I wonder what land Godden has now? I hope it's not between our flat and the sea!

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Fri Dec 01 2006

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