An email, from Dave the Dolphin:

An email, from Dave the Dolphin:

Being a dolphin is not easy these days, everyone's after us and the fishermen catch more and more of our fish each day, it's hard to make ends meet.

I've just had a huge council tax bill too, even though it's my second home' so as well as my website I've decided to open a little shop on ebay to sell a few souvenirs of my visit.

If you promise to buy enough of them I will try to stay a bit longer and maybe even come back next summer (Don't forget I haven't gone yet!).

I've got Tee Shirts with pictures of me on them and some pictures of me swimming about in your lovely clean sea (I am so pleased you've stopped putting all your poo in here).

You can get to the shop by clicking here

You can pay using those card things on Paypal and my Friend Simon will see that you get the goods, us Dolphins can't get to the post office.

See You at the Beach

Many Thanks


Dave the Dolphin t-shirts from 99p here...

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Sun Sep 17 2006