The Kooks are coming to Folkestone

The Kooks are coming to Folkestone

You might have seen their "Ready Steady Kook" poster up in Chambers recently, or heard them in the hit parade, well The Kooks are coming to visit. It's all part of a "seaside tour", taking in coastal towns of the UK.

Date and more info as it comes in, I assume it'll be the Leas Cliff Hall. It's an odd one, looks like they've already sold out two nights at the Astoria...

UPDATE: Dates of the seaside tour are:

18 Aug: Hastings, Pier Ballroom 19 Aug: Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall 21 Aug: Skegness, The Farm 22 Aug: Torquay, Riviera Centre 23 Aug: Blackpool, Spanish Hall

Must be warmups for Reading Festival, Get tickets here. For The Kooks I mean, get Reading tickets here...

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