Jimi Hendrix 1966

Jimi Hendrix 1966

Hillside Social Club

I saw Jimi Hendrix in 1966 and What a night it was. I was a 14 year old aspiring drummer and was involved in the promoting of the gig by way of flying in the afternoon as the gig was hastily arranged on the day. The gear duly turned up and I had the honour of having a tap around on Mitch's drum kit. he played a Premier kit at the time. The gig that night was attended by approx 70 people all of whome couldn't believe their eyes. No one had seen anything like Jimi before playing one guitar with his foot and the other with his teeth. He played for about an hour. My memory is fading now but I remember an insane version of "Route 66". "Hey Joe" was released soon after and the rest is history. I played my second gig there myself a year later with a band called "The Circuit" the first being at Sibton Park Cricket Club. Memories Memories.

Dave Shackle

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19 Mar 2006

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