Charlie's Shed - New Year's Eve

Charlie's Shed - New Year's Eve

CHARLIES SHED continue their comeback with a gig at the Lanterns in Folkestone on New Years Eve, Saturday December 31st.

As experimental as The Coral, but as accessible as Oasis, the bands sound is a fusion of heavy / melodic guitars, punk dynamics and pop melodies and their intelligently crafted, honest pop songs have earned the band a huge following.

CHARLIES SHED burst onto the scene at the start of the decade and are probably best remembered for reaching the final of the MGD Battle of the Bands contest for unsigned and undiscovered bands in 2002 which included some legendary nights out, including a sell-out crowd at the Hackney Ocean final. After regularly playing London, recording at BBCs Maida Vale and performing live on Sky TV, the band is now back with new material.

The band recently made their comeback at the Lanterns back in November and have recently played other shows at the Black Bull, Mustangs, the Happy Frenchman and the White Lion.

CHARLIES SHED are Romer Stephens (lead guitar/lead vocals), Luke Stephens (bass), Dino Fowler (drums), Nic Bennett (guitar) and Clive Bowden (guitar).

The supporting bill includes an acoustic set from THE BAGS (Sean and Ali who used to play in Consume).

Tickets for New Years Eve are 10 in advance call Richard on 07810 864228 and it all runs from 8pm-very late.

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