My Life In The Making American Tour

My Life In The Making American Tour

MLitM fly out to the states on the 18th September for a week's tour. They play four shows with American band Another Tradgedy playing Lexington, Indianapolis, Chicago and Detroit. They have also been invited to play this year's Mid-point festival in Cincinnati. They were chosen from thousands of applicants for this year's festival and are proud to be the only UK act chosen. The festival over three days attracted over 40,000 fans last year and the prediction for this year is 50,000. MLitM manager and Zebra 3 records owner Ben Watson who has organised the tour has also been asked by the Festival to join the panel as a speaker on Independent Record labels in the U.K at the mid-point music festival seminar. During the days MlitM have a packed itinery with an interview with the Cincinnati post, two tracks being played and an interview on WEBN radio and an appearance on Fox 19 television.

On their return to the UK Zebra 3 records are set to release their single "someone else's conclusion" with the video ear-marked for Scuzz t.v's "new skids on the block"

"Contemplating Concepts Of Forever" was released on April 4 2005 on Zebra 3 Records

My Life In The Making is :

Ken Graham on Vocals

Ted Clark on Guitar / Vocals

Sam Alflatt on Bass

Tom Alflatt on Drums

My Life In The Making exploded out of Kent this April, armed with their debut full length, "Contemplating Concepts Of Forever", featuring ten roundhouse blows of passionate melodic metal.

Whilst citing heavyweights such as Glassjaw, Tool, Deftones, Thursday, Machine Head and Faith No More as their main influences, My Life In The Making are intent on creating a name for themselves for what they sound like, not as an identikit of their influences. "Contemplating Concepts Of Forever" is a passionate offering which maintains it's British accent whilst looking set to charm audiences globally.

The group embarked on a "sold out" UK tour in August and now head stateside for some shows and festival appearance in September. Having already shared stages with Lostprophets, Biffy Clyro, Hundred Reasons and Sparta, there's no reason why My Life In The Making can't step it up a notch off the back of this record, and make the leap into the spotlight.

Metal Hammer: "Recommended for fans of F4AF, Glassjaw and Lostprophets"

Big Cheese: "Powerful vocals take the songs to the next level with complicated riffs finishing them off"

Rock Sound: "..Memorably full of intricate melodies and F4AF style tempo shifts - they'll be huge."

Ben (Zebra 3 Records)

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Mon Sep 19 2005

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