Lunch at the Jackdaw

Lunch at the Jackdaw

Had been meaning to try out the Jackdaw for a good while, we pass through Denton every time we go to Canterbury, but aren't usually in a position to stop. This time we were!

Super meal, plenty of choice, a REALLY nice pub. We were on wheels, so couldn't stop and sample the full range of beers and wines, but our food was great. There are several vege options available at any one time, this time I went for the vege bean gumbo. Portions are very generous, though this was perhaps one of the smaller meals they do. Clare had a the beef and guinness pie and said it was fabulous.

We returned a few weeks later for a Saturday evening dinner - you'll need to book for this. Clare returned to her favoured pie, and this time I joined her on that part of the menu. I had something like a Pear and ginger pie, and it was fantastic. It's a tomatoey sauce, no dairy, lots of veg and a hint of (can you guess) pear and ginger. Plenty of vegetables and potatoes on the side, and this time we could try the beers too.

A great place for a meal, can't recommend it enough. If only it was a bit nearer to Folkestone, it's a bit far to be a regular taxi journey...

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Fri Aug 19 2005