St Pancras to open in 2007

St Pancras to open in 2007

According to this Article in The Times...

The three additional platforms to the east are reserved for new fast trains from east Kent which will use the new Channel Tunnel Rail Link line and cut commuter train times by up to two thirds...

Fingers cross that our bit's open then too, thinking more and more about commuting in. If the three grand plus for the travelcard out to that zone isn't frightening enough, the current long commute is.

I don't think Folkestone did that well this Christmas - the Christmas quiz at Chambers was fabulous, but why did the New Years Eve bash not sell enough tickets? Got to buy tickets in advance everyone, we did, but we were not enough... also event organisers, got to get your promotion properly out there, and out there a bit in advance too. We saw almost no advertising for the event, and what we did was a bit small scale. is still being advertised within Chambers, but it had no info about what was going on over xmas. Get it together everyone!

We ended up at La Vue, and it was disappointing. Not my bag at all in terms of music (though we knew that in advance), and too quiet. IMHO not worth the 15 quid admission.

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Tue Jan 04 2005

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