That was a surprise, to see the pub finally demolished after being left in that state for so long. Guessing it's not going to be another pub built on that site. Wish I'd got some pictures of it before it went now, not that it was a pub I had ever been in. I took some pictures of the Fountain the other day, as it's closed, but seems as if it will reopen.

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02 Dec 2017

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, find a flatmate, rent a room, news, what' new, local events, for sale, whatever... hmm this kinda slumped a bit didn't it? But it's still here after most of the other johnny-come-latelies gave up again! Folkestone Gerald was here before Folkestone was cool, and it'll still be here after! Probably. Email me if you want to do a deal, pauly @ this domain


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