Oh, I already did...

Oh, I already did...

Just got the computer out to write a little little comment / review about last night's supper club at Kipp's, and I see I already did! I did have a few beers and was a bit merry by the time I got home, so forgive my lapse of memory.

Lovely evening, lovely people most of all! Is it that nice people are drawn to these supper clubs? Or is it just that people generally are nice, and I just don't meet many people? Coincidentally all the people we spoke to were fairly recent incomers to Folkestone too, so maybe having that in common helped us bond more

Felt like a different kind of event to the previous supper club we went to at first. Last time, at Follies, the venue was closed so it felt more private, and we also had a complimentary drink on the way in. This time though, there was real ale, so I can't complain.

Food was great again, a sort of salady starter with palm hearts in it, don't think I've had those here in the UK before, though they were everywhere in Brazil. Grilled corn was very good, very tasty dressing, I hope I ate the vegan one. Mains were three kinds of taco. I missed the smoked mushroom one, but had extra pumpkin instead to make up. Sauces were good, especially the many chilli, was not actually spicy though. The pickled chillis on the side were the spiciest thing by far. Clare chickened out of eating her fish taco... Puddings were a success, churo with chocolate sauce.

Oh also there was delicious cactus to eat too, don't think I've had that before.

Strange that the person I sat next to knew me, and knew all about me, from what I have written here on Folkestone Gerald, but in a pleasant way. Makes me feel like I am a somebody, in a small way, but also makes me feel I should pay more attention to the website again. It's been a long time since it had any love, partly because we don't go out so much now. So maybe I'll try and write more things, and push them out onto the twitter.

There are more supper clubs on the way, there's a repeat of this Mexican one two weeks yesterday details here.

⬅️ :: The next supper club date is set for Sunday, August 2nd at The Firkin Alehouse in Cheriton Place ➡️
Mon Jun 01 2015

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