Still time to consult on the local development plan (and Princes Parade)

Still time to consult on the local development plan (and Princes Parade)

Consultation on the local development plan is hella hard to use. I'm sure it's not made deliberately difficult so that plans get swept through without local people having a voice, but it's very difficult to use anyway. Got an opinion on Princes Parade? As I've said before I'm very wary that even if something lovely sounding like low level leisure facilities in keeping with the environment and protecting and enhancing the canal etc are approved, then when the work starts we would get a surprise "oh dear there's not enough money to complete it, but we've started now, let's privatise it and build a tonne of flats over it".

Sorry to fill up your in box but the consultation web site is so difficult to navigate - this link takes you straight into the comments page. It's beginning to fill up a bit now, with some interesting comments.

You can send in your complaints to this email address It's not obvious from Shepway's website but you can also use this email address to send in your responses to the consultation as an alternative to struggling with the online portal.

Please comment if you can, this is the statutory consultation and the Council have to take notice of it!

I'm sure lots of the people commenting / opposing development are those who will lose some of their view over the current open land, but I am not one of those.

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Thu Mar 05 2015