Hello everybody. I am in search of a person called Michael David CUNNINGHAM. I already have to look on everything for the social networks as well as on Google with the information which I have but unsuccessfully.

He was born on June or July 2nd, 1967 to Leeds in UK. His parents were Patricia Whitfield and Mickael Cunningham and he has a brother and a sister who are called Peter and Shelley or Shirley.

He was married to Dominique LHOEST to FolkestoneHe. He disappeared in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1990.

He had a girl who would today like to know if he is always alive and if possible, to provide to hear his voice, to see his face. She looks for nothing else.

It's very important for me please. I thank you beforehand for your answer. I give you I leave you my e-mail address


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Sun Oct 24 2010