Never Again.

Never Again.

Hi Gerald, I'm a new visitor to this site and have just been reading the various reviews for pubs and resturants.

Regarding this resturant, I was in there last week as I to had heard many good thing about it over the years.

It was late on a saturday and the place was empty, the bookings book on the front desk displayed the evenings business which appeared busy (good sign).

A couple where just finishing at one end of the dining room as I was seated.

I went for the Canoloni which priced at 10.50 seemed like a good price for a meal of fresh pasta.

What came to my table was something else, the pasta was infact some kind of pancake, not freshly made pasta which is what I was expecting.The filling was not fresh mince meat but that kind of Forcemeat you get in supermarkets for 0.40p, the sauce was not a homemade classic bechemel but maybe a iceland lasange sauce or similar.

Value for money seemed to suit the business more than the customer.

That wasn't the worse thing, I was starving so the meal was eaten but when the waiter finally got to my table to collect the plate and asked the all impoetant question, apon my response of "so-so" he turned his back and in Italian called me a Mother F****r. The chef who had made he's way out of the kitchen had proceeded to chat up the women who's boyfriend had gone out to make a phonecall.

The fact that people of folkestone use this establishment for celebrating is beyond me, the decor is eighties at best and the ambiance was stale.

(if your reading this from the hermitage , don't bother offering a free meal, I've eaten there to.)

Thanks gerald

Best get back to my kitchen now.

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Tue Apr 20 2010