More Tales From The Tap Room

More Tales From The Tap Room

Been looking for an original of More Tales From The Tap Room for ages, ie [ebay]Tales From The Tap Room[/ebay], but no joy. I have this book but would like a first edition. Get this one here and help Pilgrims Hospice, or you buy a new copy from Folkestone library.

More Tales from the Tap Room by Martin Easdown and Eamonn Rooney. A history of the Public Houses and Breweries of Folkestone, Sandgate, Cheriton, Seabrook, Shorncliffe, Morehall and Newington. P/B 232 pages with photographs and illustrations. Published 2004.

Brilliant book btw.

Speaking of the library, please install my folkestone library greasemonky plugin - each time you view a book on amazon it will tell you if the book is available (for free) in the local libraries.

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Fri Jan 29 2010