Better than I had heard

Better than I had heard

After living in Sandgate for the past 3 years, we finally decided to visit our local Escondido's today, as you would expect it wasn't busy midweek, in fact it was empty, given I had been told it wasn't the greatest restaurant in the area this worried me.

My girlfriend had booked our table earlier in the day by walking in the restaurant and asked if they had a children's menu, unfortunately they do not but they were more than happy to put a chicken breast aside, un-marinated so this could be cooked up for us later, in my opinion this is a very nice gesture as it's sometimes hard to find food for a fussy 5 year old boy.

On arrival the decor was very pleasing, my girlfriend commented it needed a bit more light but I find the 'cosy feel' a much better environment to eat in. We were greeted by the same waitress my girlfriend had spoken to earlier and she was very pleasant and genuinely friendly, we were seated quickly and our order taken whilst having a chat.

We decided to go for the Escondido platter for starters, this consisted of Chorizo & feta skewers, crab flautas and corn chips,accompanied by olives, mango salsa, guacamole and sour cream. No complaints about this, very nice and fresh tasting.

As it was half price cocktail night, I had a white cuban and my girlfriend had a dark cuban, this actually worked out cheaper than lemonade & coke alone.

For the main, I had the most expensive thing on the menu, 8 oz Ribeye Steak Served with garlic and thyme chips, garlic mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and chipotle mayo. For a cost of 13.99 it was well worth it, the steak was cooked rare, exactly as I requested it.

My girlfriend decided to go for Chicken Fajitas served with guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos, re fried bean, salad & four flour tortillas. Her only complaint was that there was only 4 tortillas but she ate it all so I assume it was good.

After we were clearly both full, we decided to go for dessert, both of us went for the Escondido waffles served with banana, blueberries, hazelnuts, chocolate chunks and cinnamon, unfortunately they had run out of blueberries so these were replaced with strawberries. This was complemented with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream.

Overall we had a good time and towards the end of our meal we noticed the restaurant started to fill up indicating that it is a popular eatery after all, I'm convinced anyway.

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Wed Dec 16 2009

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