Aargh, I just missed "Kinky Kent Munch, Folkestone"

Aargh, I just missed "Kinky Kent Munch, Folkestone"

Kinky Kent Munch, Folkestone

We will be meeting in The Castle Inn again for the seventh Folkestone Munch. Last time over 30 people came along and we all had a great evening. As you walk in from the street, go into the lounge bar (NOT the Dungeon Bar!!), and we have a large area furthest from the bar, but we'll have an A to Z of Kent map book and a teddy bear in bondage on our table, to help everybody find us. Its a semi private area so this is good, and they are happy to have a group using it. Please be aware that the bar does have locals so please do remember that this is a vanilla venue.


Or did I? @JacksonRocco says it's on the 10th. Would be embarrassing to turn up in bondage on the wrong night...

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Fri Jul 10 2009