Abigail's Wardrobe - CLOTHES SWAP!!!

Abigail's Wardrobe - CLOTHES SWAP!!!

Abigail's Wardrobe


Beat the recession..

'Clothes swap!'

May 30th 1.30-3.30*

Tired of your wardrobe? Too skint to afford a new outfit?

Find your dream outfit and have a laugh whilst doing it!

Buy a ticket and bring at least 5* items of clothing, and swap till you drop!

Tickets are 3.00 until may1st for the early bird, afterwards 5.00.

Held at: The Folkestone Quarter house, Tontine Street.

To buy tickets and receive full information;


Or 07961630229

3 a ticket until 1st of May, afterwards it will be 5

This is best paid over PayPal

The plan is to drop clothing off at the venue half hour before the swap 1.15- 2.15

And then at 2.30 the swap will begin and last for a max of one hour

Minimum of 5items each, and up to twelve; remember the amount of items you bring is how many you can swap for.

We can refuse clothing that is badly worn or damaged, so swap things that you'd like to receive! Lol

There will be snacks and goodie bags; MENS, WOMENS AND VINTAGE RAILS

If you'd like to pay for a ticket email me and then go to 'paypal.co.uk' and the email address to send the payment to is 'abigail.stephenson@hotmail.co.uk and then you will recieved the ticket that you will need to print for the day


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