Good night at Lone Star comedy

Good night at Lone Star comedy

SO, here was the lineup apparently:

Music - Hank Foreman Compere - Steve Allen Newcomer - Nigel Numas Support - Del Strain Headline - Trevor Lock

Music was nice, made it a bit more like a proper caberet. That's what I think I'd like, old style caberets like they used to do at The Wedgewood Rooms back in the day. Let's have some plate spinners on too next time! Maybe not. Anyway, first comedy I think was Del Strain - very good, a bit frightening though, his character at least. "You're looking at me like you just found me in your front room at 3am" he said, and then I could think of little else. Holding us all up at gunpoint was very cool! Confused as to who we saw next, think there were two acts tucked into the middle of the gig, where they both open slots? Both were quite good, think one was local, from Ashford. Headliner Trevor Lock was great when the audience were with him, all the time we were lauging he was seemingly freestyling more stuff and it was great - somewhere between Harry Hill and Ronnie Corbett I though. He - and the compere Steve Allen - gave too much time and attention to a couple of irritating hecklers. This is the comperes job going to the audience, so no harm there, but I don't think Trevor Lock's act suited it really. As soon as he stopped talking (because someone in the audience was) his routine lost pace and stopped being as funny. Nice to be back at Lanterns again, the new decor is good. See you there for the comedy show after next. Going to miss the next one (the comedy festival at the Cheesegrater) because my baby is due that weekend.

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Wed Apr 29 2009

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