Escondido in Deal, don't bother going there!!!

Escondido in Deal, don't bother going there!!!


Hi We booked a table for four at escondido in Deal a few months ago when it first opened. When we got there it was absolutely packed and we were told that there were no tables left, we would have to wait at least an hour. Annoyed so we went elsewhere. Went again last night 20-3-09. This time there was no one in the downstairs section. We asked for a table and were told we would have to wait 30 minutes. 1 minute later we were taken to a table in the upstairs section. There were lots of free tables so I don't know why they said we would have to wait 30 minutes. We had the Nachos starter for two, it was very average and small. For main course we had mexican paella. It is nothing like paella. Dry tasteless rice, burnt on the bottom of the pan it was served in. I was expecting something packed with a chilli punch but it was possibly the most boring meal I have ever had. As there were whole prawns with shells we were given a finger bowl, only trouble was we had one finger bowl between us, not very hygenic. The waiting staff were the only thing I could recommend about the place, they were very attentive and polite. I would never go back there, I don't think they will be open for much longer, A prime candidate for Gordon Ramsey's kitchen nightmares UK version.

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21 Mar 2009

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