This weekend's Folkestone Fringe events

This weekend's Folkestone Fringe events

friday night at the folkestone fringe, invites you to two previews:

at the cube gallery, tontine street: new work by andy tuohy preview starts at 6 - 8.30 pm

all welcome to see a continuation of some of the poster modern work seen earlier in the year at georges house gallery, alongside new work some of which references the triennial.

at georges house gallery, 8 the old high street: kieron rhys johnson and layla boyd exhibitions sex, death and rock & roll preview from 7.30 - 9 pm

come along and see these young and extremely talented contemporary illustrators make their debut in their home town. layla is currently studying at falmouth and kieron at brighton. at the leas lift, curated by club shepway:

on saturday 16th and sunday 17th in direct response to the theme of the folkestone triennial - travels through time and space, collaborative artists kieren reed and abigail hunt are turning the leas lift into a 40 second time machine.

the idea of an alternative reality makes reference to a whole genre of films and literature since the nineteenth century, such as back to the future, slaughter house 5, H.G. Wells "the time machine" and Xavier de Maistres "a journey around my room".

working with the social excitement of the theme park ride and the Dr Who generation, the artwork playfully teases the audience into suggesting that it is their very being on the lift which is taking them into the future, and not simply the fact that we are just seeing the passing of 40 seconds of time. at the DIY fringe:

victoria tami duzek-woodward has been back in town leaving behind her teddy bears; tangible references to her developing work on unspoken conversation between lost and found. for more information on the artists work please visit here

for further information please visit

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Fri Aug 15 2008

This is my site The 'Gerald that I built in a fury of excitement when I first came to Folkestone sometime in 2004. I'd been a frequent visitor for a few years before that but I am technically one of those DFLs you get nowadays. The site was a lot more dynamic with a calendar of events and voting for favourite venues and stuff, and I hear it was a useful reference for those who were moving to the area. Now I've moved out of Folkestone again (though only a couple of miles) it doesn't get as much attention as it used to. Ironic really as The town is now becoming the exciting place we knew it was about to become. My name is not Gerald by the way, this comes from the name of a fake paper in an episode of The Day Today or something, the Portsmouth Gerald, and how there is a local newspaper here called the Folkestone Herald. Puns like this are great aren't they? Do contact me if you have something to offer, email anythign @ this domain, or try @folkestone or @pauly on Twitter.