Folkestone pub mapplet

Folkestone pub mapplet

Heard of Mapplets? No? Used Google maps though haven't you? Wouldn't you like to add the Folkestone pub map without having to visit this site? You can! add it to your map. Now you can find a local pub (or in lots of other towns actually) from with Google maps itself. Brilliant!

Here's what it looks like:


I have to make that link to Flickr, it's the law.

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17 Jul 2008

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, find a flatmate, rent a room, news, what' new, local events, for sale, whatever... hmm this kinda slumped a bit didn't it? But it's still here after most of the other johnny-come-latelies gave up again! Folkestone Gerald was here before Folkestone was cool, and it'll still be here after! Probably. Email me if you want to do a deal, pauly @ this domain


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