Sotirio's Restaurant, Hythe

Sotirio's Restaurant, Hythe

Woodo reports:

Since my wife and I discovered Sotirios back in 1999 we have been regular patrons of the restaurant, visiting at least three times a year and so far haven't had a duff meal. The menu is quite extensive, providing an excellent choice for fish eaters, carnivores, and vegetarians alike. Sotirio's also offer some interesting daily specials as an alternative to the regular a la carte menu, one reoccurring item I've always taken when on offer is the fresh dressed crab as a starter and the baked Sea Bass or T Bone Steak when available, very filling and tasty main courses. If you're into the sweet trolley then you won't be disappointed in that department either. A comprehensive offering guaranteed to satisfy those with the sweetest of tastes and a decadent disregard for waistlines although there is a healthy exotic fruit salad alternative available for the more weight conscious. The wine list is as varied as the menu with something to suit all tastes and budgets. The service is always friendly and efficient so, combined with the quality of food and drink the "boss" and I know we're always going to have a good night out at Sotirio's without taking out another mortgage or having to eat beans on toast for the rest of the month...
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02 Jun 2008

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