Swing Afternoon review

Swing Afternoon review

Regular correspondent Woodo sent me this:

I did promise a review of the "swing afternoon" at the Sandgate Hotel but as the weather was so great we spent most of the day in Bar Vasa however, we did pop in to catch the last couple of songs from the performer.

Basically it's a guy with quite a good voice sing to backing tapes but unfortunately only an audience of four (six when we got there) as everyone else was on the patio taking in the sunshine. A bit soul destroying for the poor bloke but then again, he was competing with the best (weather) day of the year so far...

He sang a couple of numbers while we were there but it wasn't what I would call "swing" (a la Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, etc...), "Ain't no Sunshine" and another "soulish" type song (which escapes me at the moment), not quite "an afternoon of swing" but as I said, we turned up pretty late in the day so but maybe he'd already done that genre before we turned up.

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Tue May 06 2008

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