Folkestone Harbour reef

Folkestone Harbour reef

Just spotted someone looking for Folkestone Harbour reef on this site, and I managed to rescue this info on surfing in Folkestone from the google cache of a deleted page:

John - die hard local Folkestone harbour beach has been going off for ages; surfers just dont know how good its been! So you all need to get down here as soon as magic seaweed shows the low pressure in the North Sea. callum, hythe, kent

hi- ive been wanting to start surfing for some time now and i dont know where to start, also im not in a possession for traverling, i hear there is a spot called folkestone harbour reef which is ideal for the location i am in, does anyone know if it is any good for berginners as i have neaver surfed in my life? and lastley does anyone know of any surf shops in the folkestone area? yours dudely callum

daniel sibert you should get ya cam men down folkestone sands on tuesday after noon its kickin off

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Tue Mar 04 2008