Local Recording/Rehearsal Studio!

Local Recording/Rehearsal Studio!

Hey guys.

Refurbishment at The Manor Studio is 99% finished! I have uploaded some photos here:


I offer 24-track digital recording facilities, and have recorded a LOT of bands over the last few years, some of whom can be heard on my Myspace page. Bands can record live in the same room, or individually.

The live room is ample in size with high ceilings, and the control room is large with an upstairs lounge area which I am also using as a dry booth for vocals etc.

The studio is available to rent for rehearsals any time from 10am - 11pm, seven days a week @ 10 per hour. This includes use of a 5 piece Premier Genista drum kit, two 4 x 12 guitar cabs, a 1 x 15 bass cab, PA system, Yamaha Clavinova and tea/coffee.

I also teach drum lessons @ 15 per hour. More info on all of this @ myspace.com/themanorstudio

or call me, 07525 613576 - Dan Lucas.

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Mon Feb 11 2008